Planewardens XV

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

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Operational overview

Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential

Director Do’Urden’s Log

Neverwinter has been saved! A dark ploy from the Red wizards of Thay in collusion with the Silent Chorus has been thwarted by our operatives using some… unconventional methods. It is good to see the adaptability of our agents at work. I’m preparing a new set of missions

We have further work to do!

Operation Deep Sky

Realm: The Hollow World of Mystara

Unusual planar activity has been detected on the ancient world of Mystara, but we have failed to find its exact source, merely pinpointing it to be in the hidden depths of the Hollow World. Due to the magical Worldshield it is impossible for us to send you directly there, so you will need to find a way down from the surface. Your team will emerge in the Merchant Republic of Darokin's capital. Once you reach the inside of the planet, find out who is behind this activity and why. The Hollow World is impossible to divine, but holds many secrets, riches and wonders unseen. This makes it dangerous as well, and likely to attract bad elements. We suspect the Silent Chorus is behind this, as always, but be prepared for everything.

Operation: Into the Maw

Realm: Oerth

The Silent Chorus has awakened a Tarrasque that is now rampaging through the city of Greyhawk. It’s carapace is nigh immune to any magical or physical attack, but its innards are soft and vulnerable. Quartermaster Kyu has developed special suits that protect the wearer from the crushing forces and caustic acid within the creature. Your mission is to enter the beast “safely” by any means available, and put a stop to the destruction.

Operation: Whiskey Ascent

Realm: Zendikar

A group of Kor nomad warriors stumbled upon a detachment of silent Chorus operatives while navigating one of their pilgrimage routes. The Chorus was investigating one of the hedrons - mystical and ancient stone monoliths that dot Zendikar landscape before being dispatched by the Kor. Some believe these are great sources of power, some they are remains of a long lost civilisation while some believe they are used as powerful tools of magical binding. Whatever they are, we must find out why the Chorus is interested in them and put a stop at whatever their plans are

Operation: Riot Game

Realm: Runeterra

Our scouts report emergence of unusual advanced technology augmented by magic called Hextech in one of the outer realms. Kyu has analysed initial reports and is keen on getting access to that technology as its nature seems fundamentally different from anything we can currently acquire through our allies in Ravnica. Go to the city of Piltover and find us a way to get a steady supply of Hextech. An official trading agreement with their authorities would be preferable but should that fail you are cleared to “improvise”. Kyu will be joining you so make sure you get him back in one piece.


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