Posljednji ples ODG #ODG63Ravenloft - The last dance

There is a monster in my basement! Oh, do not fear, for I have locked the door and trapped it inside, but sometimes it creates such a ruckus that I fear I will go out of my mind!

The Skeletons naslovna #ODG63The Skeletons

Kako vrijeme prolazi, tako se mijenjate i vi i vaš zagrobni dom. Sjećanja dolaze i trunu, a vrijeme polako ostavlja svoj danak...

Planewardens OTK #ODG64Planewardens II

"Director, the Silent Chorus activity is on the rise. We are detecting breaches on new worlds now. It seems Krynn is of particular interest to the enemy and we should send a task force to counter them."

Planewardens OTK #ODG67Planewardens III

Updated mission package has been prepared. Congratulations on the success of operation Rebel Yell.

Planewardens OTK #ODG70Planewardens IV

Operation Nighthawk has been conducted by a backup team with mixed results but a new lead has opened up on Faerun for you to consider...

Planewardens OTK #ODG72Planewardens V

Our new guest has already made herself at home in the Arboretum wing much to the dismay of the section chief ...

Planewardens OTK ODG76Planewardens VII

... congratulations on the success of operation Redline. Our new ambassador - Kitiara uth Matar has already started securing vital alliances in our fight against the Silent Chorus.

Planewardens OTK ODG78Planewardens VIII

... It is with great sadness I must report that our Director, Lady Vandree has perished due to wounds suffered in the attack...

Planewardens OTK #ODG80Planewardens IX

Our forces are continuing pressing the enemy. Perhaps the latest success has given much needed wind in our wings and the morale is improving...

Planewardens OTK #ODG81Planewardens X part 1

General Drizzt Do’Urden has taken over command ... he is focused and eager to bring the fight to the enemy.

Planewardens OTK #ODG81Planewardens X part 2

General Drizzt Do’Urden has taken over command ... he is focused and eager to bring the fight to the enemy.

ch #ODG85Debitanti

O drowsy, drowsy as I was! Dead sleep upon me fell; The Queen of Fairies she was there, And took me to hersell.

ipipi #ODG85Izgubljeni osmijeh Malog Kraljevića

Kao i u svim bajkama i ovdje postoji nešto magično, nešto opasno, nešto tužno i nešto poučno!

smashup #ODG85Tajna zmajskog otočja

Plovili ste veliki plavetnilom, uživali u suncu nakon naporne avanture, spremni potrošiti novostečeno blago u prvoj dobro luci, ali odjednom vas je zadesilo nevrijeme.