7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Théah, a land of magic and mystery..

Players take on the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of races long vanished, and protecting Kings and Queens from murderous villains.

It is a world of sharp blades and sharp wits, where a cutting retort can be just as deadly as a sword’s point!

This is a game where you play the roles of, often unwilling, sometimes zealous, pawns in the cosmic octarine coloured narrative. Your character is not necessarily a "hero" per se, instead one could possibly see it as being important to the story. Characters like yourself do have a knack for not dying as often as a common mortal (or undead if that has been your unfortune). With this follows that you'll naturally have a higher chance of actually, possibly, doing some heroic deeds, just by sheer mathematical logic.

“You’re part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.”
–Darth Vader 

Alice is Missing is a silent role-playing game about the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high school junior in the small town of Silent Falls.​

The game is played live and without verbal communication. Players inhabit their character for the entirety of the 90-minute play session, and instead of speaking, send text messages back and forth to the other characters in a group chat, as well as individually, as though they aren’t in the same place together.

Action! Science! Robots! Punching! More Science!