Deus Ex

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JC Denton

The year is 2052.

For decades now, the world has contined to plunge deeper into chaos with every passing day. Corporate rulership, despotic governments and secret organizations have made sure that the common folk live their lives in trepidation and apathy.

In 2051, the situation became even worse with the uprising of the so called Gray Death. Thousands die. The rich are largely unaffected as they manage to procure the mysterious Ambrosia vaccine, protecting them from this modern plague. You are members of the NSF, a classified terrorist group and the only organization willing to stand up against this corrupt system. 

Based on intel from a source within UNATCO itself, a large shipment of Ambrosia is coming to New York today. It is time. Let the wealthy and powerful tremble without their precious cure. It is time for you to shape the future of this broken world.


Opis sustava:
Black Seven je brz i jednostavan sustav usmjeren primarno na stealth gameplay i infiltraciju.

BLACK SEVEN is an independent espionage organisation that undertakes deniable operations deemed too politically sensitive for governments, corporations, or private individuals.

Stripped of the marketing speak, BLACK SEVEN's Agents break in to places, sneak around, steal data, beat up guards, hack computers, get into running gun battles, and occasionally assassinate people. Sometimes, they do this for Queen and Country. Sometimes, it's for God, America, and Mom's Apple Pie. And sometimes it's because a nice lady with an indiscriminately European accent handed over a suitcase containing five million in non-sequential fifties as a downpayment.

It's ten minutes into the future. You live a life of luxury, at least until you get the call from BLACK SEVEN. Then, you go to risk your life. Whether you do it for the money, for the safety of the free world, or to expand the definition of the “free world” is up to you. All Control cares about is that you get the job done.


  • 58 pages of modern espionage RPG inspired by stealth-action games like Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol, and Splinter Cell.
  • An abstract system for representing position and stealth without the need for maps or precise measurements.
  • Focused on stealth action with Agents defined by what actions they take when infiltrating an enemy facility.
  • Creative Commons licensed, so one purchase feeds the gaming needs of a whole group. If you like it and got it for free, I hope you buy it.
  • Multiformat, including the rules and a sample adventure in PDF, ePub, and Kindle format, and a host of PDF reference sheets—including a business-card sized Agent Record.

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GM: Luka
Igrača: 4
Sustav: Black Seven